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Our surf club allows you to enjoy and progress your surfing with friends in Co.Wexford.

Affiliated with the ISA, we now have surfers competing around Ireland on behalf of The Surf Shack & Co.Wexford in boys and girls divisions. This is only one part to our club. We had over 60 members last year all aged between 6 -19 who meet up every 2 weeks and surf on Curracloe beach.

Our club offers you cheaper lessons, better instruction in smaller classes and surf trips throughout the year so you can learn about new, safe places to surf.

The idea of the ‘surf club’ is not to teach surfing but to develop it. We concentrate on developing kids in many areas other than just ‘standing on a surfboard’. The club provides its members with an education in the sea. Learning how to understand the water and stay safe in and around it is so important, especially if you are thinking taking on the big stuff one day.

If your looking to improve your surfing and enjoy the water with some new friends then the club is the right move. We surf every two weeks and provide you with all the gear you need. So all you have to do is turn up, surf and drink hot chocolates until you are dragged out of the place by your parents. Our staff also offer professional and experienced advice on any equipment needed for surfing & other water sports.

Why become a member?

For our €90 membership fee (€80 for returning members) Surf Shack Club members avail of some great club perks and discounts:

1. All lessons and club sessions for members and parents are €10. (instead of standard €25 lesson price so you can surf more often, even on Summer Camp & Lessons).
2. 10% Surf Shop discount.
3. Club surf trips to a new surf spot chosen from around wexford and waterford.
4. Compete in the national competitions around Ireland through our recently established Curracloe Surf Club affiliated to the ISA (Irish Surfing Association).

The surf club operates from March – October each year but you can sign up at anytime. Just contact us about the club or you can sign up in our Surf Shop. We take all details on your first day inside the Shack.


Your Instructor

Your Instructor


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