Sandboarding & Duneboarding

Experience Sandboarding at Curracloe Beach. The Shack is HQ for Dune Riders Ireland and it is the only place in Ireland with it’s very own SandPark. You can take a lesson on the sand park or rent boards for yourself and have a blast. If you love it make sure to take a look at our range of sandboards and duneboards in the surf shop!

Sandboard Lessons

Similar to snowboarding (except in your shorts and bare feet) you can shred the sand! We are lucky enough to have one of the best sandboarding environments in the world. Ride the bowl, trails and steep slopes or hit the sandpark if you are feeling confident. All right beside The Surf Shack. We can run duneboard lessons in dry sand only so please check for availability before you book in. Recommended for all ages and abilities. 1 hour lessons. *Group sessions available too.

Sandboard Rentals

You can rent a foam sandboard anytime between 10am & 6pm from the surf shop and try it out for yourself. No teaching is needed and it is perfectly safe. Great fun for groups of friends and families. Beware your face may become very sandy!

Using our special sandboards, we make use of the natural sloping sand around Curracloe beach to surf the sand. This is something that you won’t find anywhere else. Make sure you learn with us or if taking to it yourself at least talk to us. The sand dunes in Curracloe are a natural and very delicate system and dont like any rough treatment.

We have strict DRI guidelines for all sandboarders so they can keep the dunes safe and let others know how to aswel. For all ages and experience levels from safe starts to high flying aerials.


Your Instructor

Your Instructor


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