Rip Curl Dawn Patrol Isothermie 3mm Round toe Boots



The new Rip Curl Dawn Patrol 3mm Split Toe boot has been designed from quality materials that ensure it is warm, durable as well as provides more flex and comfort when in the water. This boot is lighter with durability features that ensure a longer life span. Designed to deliver nothing but performance with flex neoprene and a special split toe feature for added comfort when surfing. This boot is super soft with an easy slide on system and a comfy sole to maximise the enjoyment of your surf session. The anti stink flash lining also keeps the boot fresher for longer, with an anti bacterial treatment within the boot. Furthermore, this boot incorporates multiple quality features that make it one of the most performance boots on the market.

  • Super-soft Sole
  • Pull on Heel tab
  • Velcro Shaft Closure
  • 3mm Performance Neoprene
Adult Wetsuit Boots

US 10 (UK 9), US 11 (UK 9.5), US 12 (UK 10), US 13 (UK 12), US 6 (UK 5), US 7 (UK 6), US 8 (UK 7), US 9 (UK 8)