Cskins Legend 3mm Jnr Round toe reef boots


The C-Skins Legend 3mm junior reef boots come with a tough multi layer sole, making them durable boots for walking on rough surfaces, like rock or gravel. These reef boots feature a flex toe cut-outs for improved grip while playing and walking. These are great quality boots that keep feet warm and safe while being durable enough to hand down as the children grow.

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  • Breathable Flatlock Seams
  • 3mm Free Flex Neoprene
  • Multi layer sole rubber reinforcement: ultimate grip and stick
  • Rubber reinforced foxing: achilles/ankle support
  • Foot arch flex system
  • Toe flex cut-outs
Junior Wetsuit Boots

M (Size UK 12-13), S (Size UK 10-11), XXL (Size UK 5-6.5), XL (Size UK 3-4), L (Size UK 1-2)