Birdhouse Complete Skateboards 8″


The Birdhouse collection is an excellent option for those looking for a bit more quality in their skateboard. Still suitable for beginners from age 10+ these boards are perfect for learning tricks or taking to the skatepark.




Dimensions: 8” x 31.5”
Trucks: Logo Raw Trucks
Wheels: 52mm 95A HR Wheels
Bearings: ABEC 5
Stage 1 Series (Beginner-Intermediate)

7-Ply Hardrock Maple
The Stage 1 collection from Birdhouse are the perfect piece of kit to get you pushing off on the right foot! We have a range of styles and sizes in this beginner range so nobody misses out! If it’s your time to take the plunge and become a fully fledged skater, then be sure to drop in with the Birdhouse stage 1 series, a great board for a great price!

Recommended User Age/Height:
10yrs +
5’3″+ (160cm+)


Opacity Logo 2, Triple Stack