About Us

The Surf Shack
10 Years In Curracloe

Established in summer 2013 with just 7 surfboards and 20 wetsuits The Surf Shack was opened on June 29th by a group of stoked friends looking to mix work and fun and make it their job.

The Early Years

The very first lesson at The Shack aligned perfectly with a June storm and great waves. The 8 local daredevils pictured above went out in to the waves with shakas held high and became the first kids to surf Curracloe Beach. Most of these guys and girls you will meet when you visit The Shack today. 10 years later they are heavily involved in the day to day running of the business and continue the ethos of fun and adventure they embodied all those summers ago.

Surfing Boom in Curracloe

Through the years the shack grew and grew. The Shack itself remained small but the groups kept getting bigger. More and more mad men and women were needed to create The Shack team each summer. Local surfers along with a sprinkling of west coast surf talent recruited during frozen winter adventures in The Shack van made up this “dream team” each year and the surfing needs of the South East were met.

Surf School

With fun waves and safe water it makes Curracloe the ideal beach for the first time surfer. We now offer surf lessons for both adults and kids of all abilities. Along with this we offer SUP and a load of fun activities to do on the beach including Sandboarding & Bodyboarding. Surf Lessons and Rentals available daily on Curracloe Beach in June, July & Aug. We facilitate groups from birthdays parties to school tours as well as private & small group lessons too.

Surf Club

Establishing Wexford’s first surf club in 2014 we train, develop and encourage kids in surfing from ages 6-18. Providing honest and dedicated coaching we introduce surfing in a fun way. We also run club sessions every week (on Sunday) where you can meet up with your friends and go for a surf. We also do surf trips, hit up the skateparks, learn about the sea and how to be safe & smart around it. If you are interested in joining the surf club or want to come a do a ‘try out’ day get in touch on 087-9154786 or info@surfshackireland.com.