We can assure you a safe trip to The Shack that will be just as fun as ever!

  • All customers must keep a 2m social distance from each other and staff while at The Shack & on the beach (families are exempt).
  • We are now only taking maximum groups of 8 people at a time.
  • Be prepared to change outside and only bring essential items to your lesson.
  • All your equipment is cleaned with soap and water and sterilised with Milton 1 day before use.

The Surf Shack will operate under the following guidelines for the foreseeable future. All teaching activities, equipment
rentals, and surf shop operations are subject to these guidelines in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The guidelines are
designed to minimise the risk of infection of COVID-19 wherever possible and ensure a safe and gradual return to surfung.
The Surf Shack will also ensure customers respect travel restrictions and no customers outside the radius of a travel
restriction will be allowed use our services until such a restriction is lifted.


Bookings will be primarily received by telephone and
through our online booking platform. There will be no
physical shop open to take bookings face-to-face until
restrictions lift further. Customers can also book by
email, Facebook, and Instagram and we will promoting
booking via all the above online links. This will reduce
face-to-face contact


Customers will be greeted at a sign in desk after moving
through the sanitising station. For bookings, of more
than 1 person, only 1 person is to approach the sign in
desk. Sign in will be completed outside at a designated
desk where 2m social distancing can be followed. All
provisions will be made to ensure sta socially distance
during the greeting of customers. This goes for rentals

Clean gear

Wetsuits, surfboards and all other equipment will be
washed in Water:Soap concentrate and wiped/soaked
with a sterilizing cloth/bucket in Water:Milton before the
customer receives it. The customer will be provided with
a suit, bib and boots and the option of wetsuit gloves or
hood too. All surfboards and SUPs will be sterilised and
the instructor will always wear full PPE while doing so at
all times.

Working through COVID-19

The Surf Shack will agree to strictly adhere to the ISA
surf school standards at all times to reduce risk of
accident or emergency. All management and staff agree
to follow best practice and update any procedures to the
most current guidelines with the interest of the safety of
customers and staff in mind.